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In “7 photographers, What is time”, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., from Saturday February 25 to Sunday February 26, 2023, Digital Village 21 rue Albert Bayet 75013 Paris, Métro Place d’Italie, some project photographs were presented – 1 photograph of “World and Light”, 2 photographs of “Sky We Ground”, 1 photograph of “Nature Brush”, 1 photograph of “Mannequin”, 1 photograph of “Ghost World”.


Some photographs of Ye CHO in “7 photographers, What is time”, 2023


This time, Ye CHO presents 1 (2012) work of “World and Light” and 2 (2019 and 2007) works of “Sky Us Ground” at the 20th Salon des arts plastiques in Pierrefitte (Collective exhibition, January 10-28 2022, Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. – closing at 5 p.m. on Saturdays, at the Maurice-Utrillo cultural space, Place Jean-Jaurès – T5 Alcide d’Orbigny 93380 Pierrefitte).


Ye CHO at 20e Salon des Arts Plastiques in Pierrefitte




Ye CHO exhibition


Ye CHO short


Ye CHO projection


Ye CHO presentation

– Another vision:

Fish Market (2005) was screened June the 6-8th 2007 at the “Outstanding Short Films from International Festivals 2007”, The Museum of Modern Art MoMa, New York, USA. “Given Situations” (A City, 2006, Who?, 2005, A Motion, 2006, No Title1, 2005, Security, 2002, Ghost World, 2003, Danger, 2004, You Were There, 2004, In Out (2002), Cinema, conception – 2003) exhibited September the 9-30th 2006, Centre d’animation Sohane Benziane, Paris, France. Video Porno Computer Hope Soul You (1998), A Nature, 2000 exhibited September 26 – October 12, 2003, IXème Salon International d’Art, Domaine de Valmy, France…

– A trip, a walk and a rest:

Animation (2002) was selected and screened November the 15th 2003 at the “International ON VIDEO Contest”, 16th exground filmfest in Wiesbaden,Germany. A Life (2003) was selected and screend June the 19-20th 2004 at the “Extremely Shorts Seven”, Aurora Picture Show in Texas, USA…

– Concepted Installation works since 2001…

– Other

No Title, 2005 exhibited November the 18th 2006 at the “Les 2007 A4”, Exposition MDA 2007, Paris, France.